Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Let's see if I can get my Wattpad followers into this blog with some (fun) facts about my story Inamorata! Here you go, here are some useless (but possibly interesting? I'd like to think so) factoids about Inamorata:

  1. The title Inamorata is based on the names for the female slaves, which come from a word for a female lover, derived from an Italian word meaning "beloved".
  2. I had three alternative endings planned. I won't tell you what they were, but they were very surprising, some of them.
  3. Most of the characters come from my own ideas, but some are inspired by things I see. Caroline's appearance, for example, was inspired by a very beautiful girl I met in class one day. She was red-haired, blue-eyed, and a walking incarnation of beauty.
  4. I never anticipated that I'd actually ever finish Inamorata.
  5. My earlier drafts were far more profane and violent. I've cleaned it up for Wattpad consumption.
  6. Robin is the only character to be fully inspired - looks and all - by someone I know. So, to those of you who love him, his personality, though I've modified it, is based heavily on a real man, whose name I WILL NOT GIVE YOU.
  7. I cried when writing Clarence's death and then hated myself for a while.
  8. I secretly enjoyed torturing David emotionally.
  9. Steel, though it's never written in, will eventually forgive Caroline and David, even come to love them.
  10. Nightingale outlives Robin, and never recovers from his death. To say anything else is a spoiler for The Fires of Spring.
  11. Nightingale meets her mother, something I didn't have time to include in the story, but something I wrote as an extra scene.
  12. Sparkle and Glitter had been in love for a long time, but had kept it a secret, even from each other. The kiss after the raid was their first.
  13. David never stopped loving Nightingale. He died in her arms.


  1. O___________O ROBIN MUSTN'T DIE :O

  2. Extra scene? I want to read~ ^_^
    And stop killing off all the beloved characters! Are you saying that the Fires of Spring happens waaaaay after Inamorata? Whyyyy? Robin and David can't die yet!

  3. Oh My God..well im definetly happy you finished it :D how did she find her mom :o and whats Fires of Spring? is it on Wattpad?

  4. I almost don't want to read The Fires of Spring because of Robin dying there /: Clarence dying was extremely sad for me, too, enough for me to shed a tear. Sigh.

  5. I like how everyone's all just "Nooo Robin!" and I'm just thinking "Aww, that's so cute that David loved Nightingale till the end."